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BFing past 1 year - have you done it? How does it work?

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EffiePerine Mon 23-Jul-07 14:22:17

Am still bfing DS who is now just over 9 months. DH made a few ill-advised comments along the lines of 'why not give up now as it isn;t benefiting him any more' and got an earful ;). Am planning on bfing to a year as can't be bothered faffing about with formula (I express at work as I work 4 days a week and he has 1-2 bottles of ebm during the day).

Am now thinking whether I do want to give up at a year and would like to hear others' experiences. Ideally, I'd carry on bfing morning and night (or just at night) and not during the day so I wouldn't have to express any more (hooray!). Did you do this? What were the benefits? What problems did you run into?

I know bfing an older baby/toddler in public can be an issue, but tbh I don't tend fed DS in public now cos he's so wriggly and easily distracted, so would prob carry on feeding at home.

Also, from a practical point of view, what about BRAS? I am starting to loathe my nursing bras and have switched to underwired during the day, but will I need to change to yet another size when I stop feeding?

Pannacotta Mon 23-Jul-07 14:28:12

I fed DS1 until he was 2. After about 14 months I fed him only first and last thing.
He self weaned when I was pregnant with DS2.
I also was fed up with nursing bras so just wore my ordinary underwired bras and would pull the bra down to feed him at night (in the morning I would feed him in our bed before I was up and dressed). Found my bra size was the same as pre-pregnancy.
We both enjoyed this arrangement and he was never ill (unlike his friends who were no longer breastfed).
I found it all very easy at this stage and plan to do the same with DS2. HTH

Miaou Mon 23-Jul-07 14:28:24

Effie, I b/f ds until he was about 14 months, then decided we had both had enough (good job I did actually, less than 10 days later I was in hospital with appendicitis so he would have had a forced "stop" then!). I was down to feeding just first thing in the morning and last thing before he went to bed; the rest of the time he had cows' milk (this was after he was a year, obviously). The first morning without a b/f (when I was giving up) I took him straight downstairs and gave him milk in a cup - he looked slightly puzzled and stroked my breast, but then drank it happily and never looked back!

Re bras - once we were down to a morning and a night feed, which I did in my nightie, didn't need feeding bras any more (hurrah!!). You may find you need to go back into a smaller size once you have cut right down - I just went back into my pre-pregnancy bras.

Pannacotta Mon 23-Jul-07 14:30:59

Meant to say also that when you are feeding like this (twice a day) it is fine to leave your child for a couple of nights/a weekend without a feed and go back to feeding when you get back.
I did this several times and it worked well and it was good to be able to get away with DH.

EffiePerine Mon 23-Jul-07 14:33:11

Thanks for the comments: why are feeding bras so bad? Doesn;t help that they aren't underwired and my F/G cups neeeeeeeeed the support

TBH I'm hoping that bfing will tail off by itself some time in the second year, but will see how things go. I find there's a lot of info about starting up but not much about keeping going (esp past 6 months - everyone seems to expect that I'll be stopping soon)

EffiePerine Mon 23-Jul-07 14:33:59

that's good to know Pannacotta: I thought I'd have to carry on every day to keep up supply (then again if supply did tail off it wouldn't be the end of the world)

Pannacotta Mon 23-Jul-07 14:47:04

Your supply is so well established by then it can take a break of up to a few days I think (two days was fine for me, didn't try longer).
Agree on the bras, def a business opportunity there for good/supportive bfeeding bras

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