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Steralised Bottles

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babysbreath Mon 23-Jul-07 12:26:34

Please could I have some advice of when bottle feeding mothers are out and about.
I'm using the pre-steralised bottles bought from Boots together with a ready made carton when I've got to feed my baby when we are out of the house all day.
How does everyone else solve this problem of feeding their baby when not at home.
Hope this makes sense!

LucyJones Mon 23-Jul-07 12:27:57

Sterilised bottles are good for 3 hours after being sterilised. So I just sterilise before i go out. If longer than that I just rinse the teat in hot water.
A lot of people don't sterilise at all so don't worry too much.

NAB3 Mon 23-Jul-07 12:38:51

Be careful that you put the lid on properly and put everything in the bottle at once as you only get one chance with a Steri bottle.

Seona1973 Mon 23-Jul-07 12:49:18

I take cool boiled water in a sterilised bottle (the water and the bottle are ok for 24 hours once it is assembled) and a powder dispenser with pre-measured formula in it. When the feed is due I pour the powder into the water and shake to mix. DS always has his bottles at room temperature so I never need to find anywhere to heat it.

katewilson13 Mon 23-Jul-07 13:24:43

I'm afraid I belong to the school that makes all the bottles at once during the day (I do sterilize them), pops them in the fridge, takes them out when needed and heats them up. When I'm going out I heat up a bottle and then pop it in an Avent bottlebag which keeps it warm for a while (or like Seona1973 I just serve at room temperature). I did worry about this at the beginning but then came to my senses. There are so many things to worry about and I've certainly done my fair share of worrying (!) but common sense dictates that the risk of some things is just higher or lower than others. And, for me, any risk associated with making all the bottles once a day and taking them out and about was too small.

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