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Just feel so sad about stopping breastfeeding.

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milkymill Mon 23-Jul-07 11:10:25

My ds ( who is 1 in a couple of weeks) refused all feeds yesterday. I planned to stop feeding at 1. I start college soon so need him to be going to sleep independently anyway, so i think the time has come for us to stop. I can't believe how emotional i feel, i spent a good portion of last night wailing and blubbering. This morning every time i think of it i feel like crying. It's a wonderful phase of my life over with, and i never expected to be this upset. Please tell me i will feel better soon.

Desiderata Mon 23-Jul-07 11:14:24

You will feel better, milky, but it will take about three days from the point where your milk dries up. After that, you'll be great.

I gave up at six weeks because I just couldn't get ds to latch, and I was overwhelmed by how sad I felt.

The HV gave me some profoundly practical advice as I sat blubbering on the settee. She said, make your decision, and stick with it. He (meaning ds) couldn't care less, so don't beat yourself up.

She was right ... but you have my sympathy.

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