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Very short cycle while breastfeeding - normal?

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SpawnHorcrux Sun 22-Jul-07 17:14:29

Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, but does anyone know if it's normal to have a very short (18 day) cycle while BFing? DS is 11 months, and I had a light period 18 days ago. Just been to the loo and I'm bleeding again! Don't remember this happening with DD, but then again I only had one or two periods before getting pg with DS....

My milk supply was also very low last week. This is probably related isn't it?

Anyway, I'm too chicken to look anything up on google [scaredy cat] so I'm hoping someone here might have experienced something similar.

belgo Sun 22-Jul-07 17:16:39

I experienced longer cycles whilst bfing, then shorted when I stopped but never shorter then 26 days.

kiskidee Sun 22-Jul-07 18:37:08

i've had one cycle short (yes 18 days)one cycle long (30 days) in alternative months. wierd but true. it seems to have settled at about 24 days, 1 yr after my periods returned and i am still bf.

i have had 18 day cycles for about a yr when i was erm, younger but have never had cycles longer than 28 dys, pre-baby.

SpawnHorcrux Sun 22-Jul-07 21:19:03

Thanks! Bleeding seems to have stopped again My hormones are obviously playing up, naughty little scamps .

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