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To burp or not to burb

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HJ82 Sun 02-Jun-19 07:02:58

Who here never burps their baby?
My baby is 3 weeks old. She spent 15 days in hospital as she arrived early. When she was tube fed she just digested my milk and pooped. When I started BF her via her mouth I'd just let her sleep after and she would digest and poop as normal. It never occurred to me to burb her.

When we got home my mother was obsessed that the baby had wind and needed burping. For days she cried and wouldn't settle at night so we tapped here and there in every position imaginable until one night I just laid her on me and cuddled her in kangaroo care style. Then it occurred to me that she was so distressed because we were trying to burb her. Since then I've not bothered with it and she just settled after a feed and farts in her own time and sleeps 3 hours without being restless.

Is this common or are you all burpers? I've read a study claiming there is no evidence to suggest burping is warranted and that it can just cause spit ups etc.


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ParadiseLaundry Sun 02-Jun-19 07:06:54

I never burped DS either!

Well, later on when he had bottle I did but when breastfeeding I never did and he never seemed to need it. I think they swallow less air when bf so they don't seem to need it as much, in my experience anyway.

Kungfupanda67 Sun 02-Jun-19 07:09:19

Never burped my breastfed baby, bottle fed ones needed burping. My daughter (breastfed) just gets fed and put down, very occasionally when she was younger she would cry when I put her down to bed, I’d pick her up, she’d burp and then she’d be fine. But generally they’re much fartier rather than burpy if they’re being breastfed and can do it on their own

Hangingtrousers Sun 02-Jun-19 07:14:03

Both my dds were ebf.
Dd1 never really needed burping once I sorted out my over supply.
Dd2 would projectile vomit if I didn't so had to burp her.
Think its one of those things that depends on the baby.

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