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Constipated newborn

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Beccarollover Tue 14-Sep-04 17:47:37

My friend has asked me to post on her behalf

Her little boy is now 10 days old and she is concerned about her pooing habits!

He was breastfed for 5 days and now bottle fed.

He is straining and unsettled and just passing "rabbit droppings" throughout the day.

He is fed on SMA gold.

Any advice I can pass on? Both of mine pooed for england so never had a constipated small baby to deal with (constipated 4 yr old yes!)


Beccarollover Wed 15-Sep-04 11:17:40

Any tips anyone?

Heathcliffscathy Wed 15-Sep-04 11:20:17

take him to a cranial osteopath immediately: we took ds (fully breastfed) as he hadn't pooed for 10 days and was really obviously distressed. he pooed immediatley after seeing her and hasn't stopped since, it is fantastic honestly (and i was sceptical). really good for any digestive problems.

i know one in sw london that is excellent if it's of any use email me becca

mummytosteven Wed 15-Sep-04 11:20:37

off the top of my head - give a little cooled boiled water - an oz or two and swap formula - maybe to aptimil.

mummytosteven Wed 15-Sep-04 11:21:37

massaging the baby's tummy - rubbing in circles going clockwise

madgirl Wed 15-Sep-04 21:32:01

beccarollover, had EXACTLY same problems with ds2. i switched from sma gold to aptimil and it improved immediately. also took him to cranial osteopaths and am continuing to do so, as he is generally a very sicky/windy baby. but def suggest changing formula, it was reading about other people's gripes about sma gold on mumsnet that i decided to take the plunge and switch brand. hth.

Twiglett Wed 15-Sep-04 21:33:54

message withdrawn

Oooggs Wed 15-Sep-04 21:40:59

Rotate legs like is is cycling. Helps to move bowels.

Flik Wed 15-Sep-04 21:45:23

I also found switching formula really helped dd2.

jellyhead Wed 15-Sep-04 21:46:34

Try the readymade formula you buy in cartons as the sugars in it make the baby poo more.
It is very common for a baby that has changed from breast to formula to be constipated to some degree and then the baby gets used to the change and it sorts itself out.

mummytosteven Wed 15-Sep-04 21:51:54

Twiglett - I was taught clockwise, and I have googled and the web pages I have seen said clockwise as well. how odd

mummytosteven Wed 15-Sep-04 21:52:07

Skate Wed 15-Sep-04 21:58:56

I had the same problem with DS1 when changing from breast to SMA gold - I switched to Cow and Gate which was much better and I've had no problems with DS2 and DS3 on Cow and Gate either.

Another idea is cooled boiled water with a small drop of orange juice in (fresh orange - and I mean a couple of drops!) - midwife suggested this to me and it did help.

pupuce Wed 15-Sep-04 22:05:54

Put a bit of oil on her small finger and rub it in gently (OF COURSE) on the baby's anus.... baby will poo.....

eidsvold Fri 17-Sep-04 03:54:34

dd was on diuretics when first born and having difficulty pooing - that tip about orange juice is brilliant as is a little brown sugar dissolved in cooled boiled water - just give them a little bit... also brilliant.. we used aptamil also - when the diuretics were stopped had no probs with pooing.....

abigaillane123 Fri 22-Apr-16 17:35:35

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