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Thrush and breastfeeding

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lorza03 Tue 21-May-19 19:17:00

Hello so I have been to the gp today and me and my son have thrush - it's so painful and is making me so miserable, also I feel awful for my son that he is in pain while feeding. He is so so fussy at the breast and sometimes we are there upto 2 hours just on and of breast as he is sore and in painful. Just wondering has anyone else experienced This and please when did you start to feel relief x

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statetrooperstacey Tue 21-May-19 19:22:57

Where do you both have it? Is it in his mouth and your nipple/s? What treatment have you been given?

Countingchickens Fri 24-May-19 22:24:41

I can't offer much as I'm also going through thrush with my 5 week old DD. I just wanted to say that if you've been given topical gel or cream to go back to the doctor and ask if you can take fluconazole. I got Daktarin and didnt feel it was going within the 5 days they prescribed. On taking the fluconazole the pain went away for me and I just have sore red nipples that need to heal.

I've been so miserable and in pain over this too. If you're expressing as well I found doing this has taken off some pressure to give my breasts a rest. I also got multimam dressings to help with the cracks.

PiratePetespajamas Fri 24-May-19 22:36:05

Poor you, it’s horrible. It’s also the very devil to get rid of properly. If you have medication DO follow the instructions properly and continue for 7 days after the symptoms seem to have gone, to make sure it doesn’t come back. You should also:

**wash your bras, muslins, anything that touches your breasts or his saliva hot (at least 50 degrees), by themselves, using either apple cider vinegar in the rinse or several drops of grapefruit seed extract
** change your bra every day
** follow instructions given by Jay Gordon (google him/his advice about thrush) regarding using grapefruit seed extract as a swab. Basically make a solution with distilled water and 10 drops of the stuff (buy it on amazon), and use it on your nipples/in the baby’s mouth. I found this much more effective than stupid daktarin/nystatin which is a pain to give to the baby.
Best of luck getting rid of it.

PeachPotato Fri 24-May-19 22:49:08

Are you sure it’s thrush? Has anyone looked at latch lately?

ChipsAreLife Fri 24-May-19 22:50:01

Yes! It's so painful, I feel for you.

I started getting it when baby was 7 months, it kept going and coming back. Baby was mobile shoving loads in her mouth and I physically couldn't anti bac it all.

In the end at 9 months I stopped as the pain was too much. So just try get everything cleaned!!!

lorza03 Sat 25-May-19 01:08:04

Hi thanks all for the comments did seem to go away due a few days after treatment and then slowly creep back in agai - saw GP who said definitely is thrush. It's making me really fed up and sometimes I just want to stop breastfeeding! Thank you for the advice on different medications/ solutions will 100% give these a go !

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