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weaning.expressing.dropping feeds. it's all go here.Please help!!!

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spina Thu 19-Jul-07 14:46:09

DS2 is 6 and a half months old. I went back to work on Monday,where I'm expressing once a day.(to replace two feeds) I'm been sending either ff(to give me a chance to get a supply up of ebm-he wasn't used to beaker and I'd rather they threw ff away than my hard earned ebm!) or ebm. I'm only sending in approx 12oz of milk(including breakie cereal)I'm sending this ammount because in addition to the 4oz of ff which he will continue to have at breakie, i can produce about 6/7/8oz when I express at work.
He feeds first thing in morning with me.A quick feed at 6ish when we get back and a long feed at night(he usually wakes up in the middle of night too for another feed).

Thing is he's not really taking to his solids at all. Would happily eat yoghurt(has one pot a day too!)
At home he's starting to skip a feed here and there.But no set pattern to which one. I've always tended to have to offer feeds to my boys rather than be asked for them iykwim!

I'm wondering if I should be reducing the ammount of milk/feeds i'm sending /offering. He currently has milk with lunch.

I know milk is the most important thing until he's one but I think he would appreciate the experience of food a bit more if he ate some!!!

Sorry so long..

I guess short version of question is how many feeds does your average 6mth old have??


funnypeevesculiar Thu 19-Jul-07 20:46:11

bump for you - someone must be able to help with this one - I can't remember

squeakybuggywheels Thu 19-Jul-07 21:20:13

Spina, DD is also 6 and a half months old and at moment we are doing something like this:
on waking (5-6-ish) milk, usually with a top-up around 7.30
brekkie 8-9 (few teaspoons of porridge or 1-2 toast fingers)
milk 12
pureed something (veg) around 12.30 - 1
milk 3.30-ish
tea (sometimes not always) b/w 5-6 (can be just a bite of fruit)
milk 7.30-ish bed time

she usually wakes at some point b/w midnight and 2 for an extra milk

she is at nursery 2 days a week so I express for her 12 and 3.30 milks - try to send her off with at least 6oz x 2, preferably closer to 7oz.

That said, she is not having all of these on all days and last week she was mostly off her food after making herself sick on squash puree.

Not saying YOU should do it this way, but they recommend to keep offering the milk first, they drink as much as they need and if still hungry they will take the solids too if offered within the hour. I have tried it the other way too (solids first hoping she'd take more, partly to take the pressure off expressing) and it seemed to confuse her. She has never yet said no to boob bless her (apart from the 1st week but that's a different story)

Good luck, I personally feel more in control when she is in some sort of broad pattern but it doesn't always work this way I know.

moondog Thu 19-Jul-07 21:22:23

I'd just carry on as you are and offer freely. I did this and once dd was 8 mths old she went quite happily all day without milk of any sort but continued to b/feed like you arefor 30 mths.

spina Thu 19-Jul-07 22:56:45

Thanks for replies. I appreciate you reading the op. It is SOOOOOOO long. I rather greedily started another thread(less rambling OP) I was off feeding my gang so apologies for disappearing.

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