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Weaning to cows milk at one year - tips

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Tapster Wed 18-Jul-07 21:43:21

Do I start trying to introduce cows milk at 11 months. DD currently hates cows milk and anything milky, could I just drop the feeds slowly and just give more cheese/yoghurt.

Getting really anxious about it, can't believe I'll stop BF soon. DD has never had a bottle of even EBM let alone FF.

Arghhh. Main reasons I don't want to go beyond a year want to ttc no.2. Don't want to tandem feed - had very sore boobs in pregnancy also I have to take drugs week 4-12 of pregnancy which would make DD very drowsy so not really an option.

Elasticwoman Wed 18-Jul-07 22:41:28

Good for you, Tapster. Congrats on your success at bf. I weaned my 2 dds at a year and although I offered them cow's milk they did not take it regularly enough to be a substitute for bf. They had other dairy products - it's hard to avoid them, isn't it?
Point I'm making is, they were ready to finish bf, I did not worry about whether they drank milk or not, and now they are nearly 13 and nearly 11 respectively they are both healthy and have good teeth (no fillings). I do worry about their diet, but only in the sense of its being balanced and not full of junk.

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