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Weaning question

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Imicola Fri 10-May-19 12:35:01

Hi there, my LO is 7 months, so we've been weaning for about a month. She seems interested, but has a habit of stuffing her mouth full but then not really swallowing much of it, so it just sits there until it all falls out (yuck!) , or presumably eventually gets swallowed (or I hook it out). Anyone had a similar experience, and should I just expect that one day she'll get it?
Also she is totally uninterested if I try to feed her, so we've switched to more of a baby led approach.

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Imicola Sat 11-May-19 07:40:30


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StylishDuck Sat 11-May-19 07:44:47

I would just keep doing what you're doing. They don't need the food at this age, it's all about exploring it and getting used to it. She'll soon start actually swallowing more as she gets older.

Navy123 Sat 11-May-19 07:45:47

My DS used to do this - shovel in as much as possible then open his mouth to let it fall out when he realised it was too much. He hardly ever does it now at 16 months (just occasionally with cheese!).

I was told not to try and get it out though because you can accidentally push it further in and make them choke - they usually work it out for themselves.

firstimemamma Sat 11-May-19 08:25:20

Only let your child have access to a small amount at a time so they can't stuff their mouth full. This is what I do with 9 month old ds as he sometimes does the same! E.g toast - only put a small amount on high chair tray and keep the rest out of reach on a plate on the table. It may mean your child doesn't eat much but at least avoids the problem of them having too much food in their mouth. Hopefully your child will outgrow this phase and start gradually eating more, good luck.

Imicola Sat 11-May-19 09:01:10

OK great, thanks all! Doesn't half make a mess when it all falls out again onto the play mat after meals. Might have to wait a bit longer at the table.

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