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Reflux - breast or bottle

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Leylasmama Mon 06-May-19 20:58:47

I know that breastmilk is better for a reflux baby in terms of digestion however has anyone switched to formula and had a good outcome?

He is 5 weeks old and on gaviscon and ranitidine. Neither seem to be helping so back to doctor tomorrow.

My LG had it and ranitidine helped so i breastfed for a year but this time its a lot more tricky and im not enjoying it! Im thinking about maybe switching to bottles/formula at some point but if it would also ease his reflux by using a reflux formula or being able to medicate easier that may help with my mum guilt.

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snoopy18 Tue 07-May-19 05:53:30

Take baby to cranial osteopath - has helped my baby a lot. Only had 2 sessions he’s 8 weeks.

I’m mix feeding him at present he’s on non dairy formula & I make & drink dill seed tea which helps reflux for baby too when BF - could be worth a try. Also Apple cider vinegar in water helps with reflux if you’re still BF may help baby too.

Mamabird1619 Tue 07-May-19 09:59:08

You’re the second person to recommend cranial osteopath. How do I go about taking him? I'm assuming you have to pay for sessions or does the doctor refer you? Can imagine he would be 5 by the time we got a referral! Thanks for the tips. He seems happier after formula so i may try to drink those so he’s happier after bf too! Thanks!

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