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Breast milk help!!

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jjearrad Mon 06-May-19 10:51:44

Hi all. Just wondering if anyone has any advice as I can't seem to find anything online!
So I feed my 2 week old via expressing my own milk and putting in bottle as had issues latching. I express then straight after pop in fridge and heat using hot water in a bowl as and when needed - I only bring the milk to just over room temp as she's happy not having warm bottles , but my question is what do I do when I've already taken out fridge, warmed up then my baby doesn't want the rest of the milk!
Can I keep out at room temp as normal for recommended 4 hours?
Can I put back in fridge and 're warm when she needs?
I've been throwing my milk away when it's been any longer than an hour out the fridge and I hate seeing it wasted!!
Any advice is much appreciated

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HollyDollyLolly Mon 06-May-19 10:57:05

I probably wouldn’t heat it - i’d Take it out of fridge sooner than you think you’d need it so it can naturally get to room temp - then there isn’t an issue re. Reheating it.
Don’t put anything that you’ve heated back in the fridge - and id probably portion out smaller amounts of milk? Again probably wouldn’t put a half drank bottle back in the fridge - but if you portion it out so there is less leftovers that your baby has drunk from?! If you see what I mean x

HollyDollyLolly Mon 06-May-19 10:59:03

And well done expressing! It’s hard work!

Jemima232 Mon 06-May-19 10:59:12

No, you cannot rewarm it and you must use it within four hours.

Is there a lactation consultant anywhere near you who could help with your latch? If you're fully expressing you'll find that your supply will gradually decrease so it's best to try to get the latching on sorted out asap.

Never return warmed milk (of any kind) to the fridge for later use.

jjearrad Mon 06-May-19 11:07:40

Hollydolly- it's hard to get out in time especially I've I've fallen asleep and woken up to a hungry new born! I haven't been 're heating just throwing away after an hour or so sad but if I can keep out for 4 she will definatley be awake again for it within 4 hours!
She's having an adverage 3 1/2 -4 oz but sometimes will only want 2 and this where I'm wasting almost 2 - going to and from the fridge getting 2 oz everytime is exhausting and I was originally doing that! so I've just been making sure I've got 4 every time. I must admit I didn't expect this expressing business to be so time consuming and I don't know how long I can manage it but will go as long as I Can!!

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jjearrad Mon 06-May-19 11:11:42

Jemima-so after warming out the fridge I can keep on side at room temp for 4 hours? If so that's great!! She wakes every 2-3 for feeds if not sooner so it won't be wasted but I've been throwing away after an hour as been unsure as to whether it's safe to give to her after being warmed already..
I'm quite adamant on not feeding her from me as with my son was also was so painful I honestly couldn't cope!! This way my partner is also being amazing and helping me a lot through the night!

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