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3 week old squeaking when feeding? Any ideas?

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trampolinebouncer Sun 28-Apr-19 16:33:01

When feeding (breastfed) my 3 week old he is making a high pitched squeak - it sounds like a croupy strider type noise.

He is otherwise fine, just back to birth weight & some silent reflux symptoms- post feed. He has a suspected tongue tie which is being checked tomorrow so I will mention this noise. I have recorded it -

Has any one had a similar experience?

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trampolinebouncer Mon 29-Apr-19 02:54:47


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isthistoonosy Tue 30-Apr-19 16:59:07

Mind sounded like a squeaky goat, I think it was reflux. He also snored a LOT as a toddler, one GP thought he needed his tonsills out but then he moved practice and the next GP didn't agree. The snoring stopped around 4 yrs old.

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