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Breastfeeding before surgery

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MyDcAreMarvel Thu 25-Apr-19 12:14:43

Fasting is six hours not 8 but breastmilk may be two like water/apple juice.

Orchidflower1 Thu 25-Apr-19 12:11:21

I’d check with the hospital. I would imagine it’s the same amount of time as fasting though so prob 8.

Hope op goes well.

Kit96x Thu 25-Apr-19 12:09:31

Hi everyone
My 2 1/2 year old needs a general anaesthetic to remove his 4 front teeth that have cracked due to an accident but I’m still breastfeeding him. I’m just wondering if anyone has advice on how long before surgery can he have breast milk ? Some say 4 hours and some say 8?
Thank you

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