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OK, so is this enough breastmilk for my 8 month old ds?..

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cheritongirl Sat 14-Jul-07 22:11:48

My ds is 8 months and has recently been having 3 or 4 feeds a day, until the last few days. Now he has a good feed first thing in the morning and before bed, but doesn't want to feed during the day - maybe a mouthful here or there but no more. He really won't take a bottle but will drink a bit of formula from a cup - but nowhere near a full feed (he will happily drink water).
He LOVES his food and eats plenty of full fat cream cheese/yogurt/cheese etc so guess he is getting enough calcium, but is he getting enough milk? Should i give him a bit less solids to get him to take more breastmilk?
I had one HV tell me that breastmilk is THE most important thing for a year, and another HV tell me that solids are much more important!
Wise words appreciated...

GrimoireThief Sat 14-Jul-07 22:19:16

I would have thought that probably he knows pretty much what he needs at this stage so just go along with him? As long as he's getting other sources of calcium etc, eating well and getting fluids then it's probably ok?

My ds is a similar age and is definitely getting less fussed about daytime feeds (and therefore I'm getting a little slack at remembering to offer ). He still has roughly 4 feeds a day but the day time ones are very short.

cheritongirl Sun 15-Jul-07 19:32:35

thanks! anyone else??

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