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Toughening up your nipples

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Juicylucytoo Sat 14-Jul-07 14:45:50

Have been BFing for 4 weeks. Nipples are definately hardening up and the only pain is during the initial latch. I'm using Lanisoh / and or excess breast milk, whichever is available.

I've had help from BF counsellers and TBH I'm happy that the latch is ok and we're doing everything right, it's just that my DS has a suck like a vacuum cleaner and my nipples were soft and had been cosseted all their lives

I'm already thinking about the next baby (I know it's the hormones). Is there a way to avoid the painful beginning? Does anyone know a way to harden them up pre birth??

chevre Sat 14-Jul-07 15:00:28

i heard alsort of fantastic theories about dipping them in alchol etc. tbh i think it is better to not have bullets for nipples and go through thte pain next time.

Lizzer Sat 14-Jul-07 15:15:28

I am with you Juicylucytoo, have no answers but even after 8 yrs I am remembering the initial pain and wondering what its going to be like with no2 in dec. Perhaps someone will have an answer???

berolina Sat 14-Jul-07 15:25:18

I had every bf problem under the sun with ds - except pain (oh, and was spared mastitis too). The very worst it got was mildly sore after hourly hour-long feeding sessions. My theory is that, due to very unspectacular norkage, I never wear a bra, and that the rubbing of clothes on my nipples beforehand has made them quite tough. Don't know whether that's practicable in your case.

Juicylucytoo Sat 14-Jul-07 15:30:07

Thanks Berolina. Normally a 34E, so going bra-less is not really an option, but see what you mean. Although theoretically could downsize after BFing - it happens!

Rantmum Sat 14-Jul-07 15:31:26

A stint in the army should toughen them up!

Sorry couldn't help myself

berolina Sat 14-Jul-07 15:31:37

Oh goodness, if I downsize I'll be concave

Juicylucytoo Sat 14-Jul-07 15:36:56

Rantmum - maybe a "stint" with a soldier would do it

Rantmum Sat 14-Jul-07 15:42:20


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