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Can I still use this breast milk?

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iamsuchatit Mon 15-Apr-19 14:56:51

I’m going to say probably not...

I have drank an unholy amount of caffeine today.

I’ve expressed some milk, only about 50ml.

I assume I can’t give it to DD and that it’s got to be thrown away?

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LemonScentedStickyBat Mon 15-Apr-19 14:58:57

I wouldn’t chuck it personally

Merename Mon 15-Apr-19 19:03:16

Yes I’d use it too...

Astrid0208 Mon 15-Apr-19 19:13:15

How much caffeine?

iamsuchatit Tue 16-Apr-19 08:02:24

I reckon I was on 500mg of caffeine. I was just expressing to keep up supply.

It’s still in the fridge so I have t given it to her yet

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iamsuchatit Tue 16-Apr-19 08:02:33


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Redskyandrainbows67 Tue 16-Apr-19 08:03:23

Of course you can use it. I would give in a morning rather than eve though!

Astrid0208 Tue 16-Apr-19 11:31:35

Yeah I'd use it. That's my normal days intake now stupid baby is having yet another sleep regression!

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