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Changing formula

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hoorayforharoldlloyd Sun 14-Apr-19 04:46:08

I am currently breastfeeding my son with one formula bottle at night. We are uaing special formula for prem babies at the moment but that runs out at the end of may and i don't think they will renew the prescription as he is growing well.

I have given him aptamil a couple of times due to carrying round an emergency premade liquid bottle and we have a tin of that in the house so will use that for the nightly feed once the prem milk ends.

My partner also bought a tin of sma - is it ok to then use up that tin or is changing formula not great for rhe baby? Im assuming they are all the same really and one bottle a day is unlikely to cause stomach upsets etc. Im just loathe to waste the tin of sma!

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Mommaof2x Sun 14-Apr-19 05:44:23

I would stick to one, the aptimul
They are actually different

Sma is pretty cheap anyway
I’ve had to waste tubs of aptimul before which was annoying

HappyDinosaur Sun 14-Apr-19 06:00:07

We had to switch at times with our baby, just depending on what was available where we were, and it made no difference whatsoever to her. I guess it only really makes a big difference if he won't drink it.

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