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Do I need a breast pump?

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ShabbyAbby Sun 07-Apr-19 16:53:31

I am planning on giving the colostrum but then will be moving baby onto FF (medication/health issues). Will I need to pump to avoid mastitis? I know that an electric pump would produce an over supply and make things worse, but thought a manual pump might work to get the excess off and stop pain/infection etc. Am I just wasting time and money? I have never been able to hand express. Thanks

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Lazydaisies Sun 07-Apr-19 18:22:53

I would not have thought so. Warm and cool flannels and you should be able to express the small amount required to drop your supply off. Unless you want to use anything you express and mix it with the formula.

If you do want to use some of your Breastmilk I have found manual pumps really excellent. I have had a cheap as chips tommy tippee and avent ones that worked great.

ShabbyAbby Sun 07-Apr-19 18:28:46

Thanks. Yes I think I might have one somewhere, it's either Philips, Avent or TT. Saves me buying one if I can find it. You are probably right otherwise that flannels and hand expressing will get rid of excess. I wish I could breastfeed but it's been a mine field in the past with medication (and during this pregnancy) and I just need to be able to treat my physical and mental health without spending hours talking to breastfeeding advisors, the la Leche league, specialist pharmacists and googling until my eyes go square.

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