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best bottles to use for reflux and adding gaviscon infant?

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icet Thu 12-Jul-07 21:12:10

can anyone advise best bottles and what flow teat to use when adding gaviscon infant? my 10 week old has been diag reflux but has had since birth?

RubySlippers Thu 12-Jul-07 21:13:58

you shouldn't need to change the teat IIRC as gaviscon doesn't alter the thickness or consistency of the feed
i always used a slow teat with my DS (who had silent reflux) so he wouldn't gulp or take too much liquid at once

kamikayzed Thu 12-Jul-07 21:15:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kamikayzed Thu 12-Jul-07 21:15:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RubySlippers Thu 12-Jul-07 21:19:36

ok - i used it when i was breastfeeding so mixed it and used a syringe to give it to DS
when i switched to bottle feeding i used the Tommee Tippee and found them excellent too

icet Thu 12-Jul-07 21:19:47

thanks, am using aventi at moment but she seems to be straining when sucking. Only just introduced bottles during the day.

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