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Quick Q about La Leche League

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MegBusset Wed 11-Jul-07 16:35:59

A friend of mine didn't manage to BF her DS, is now pg with DC2 and really wants to this time. I suggested she contact LLL for some support and she asked if they charge for peer counselling etc... do they?

tiktok Wed 11-Jul-07 16:50:24

Peer counsellors/supporters and breastfeeding counsellors never charge, Meg.

If it is a major issue, I suggest she asks a breastfeeding counsellor - not a peer supporter, whose training is more geared to social support and friendship.

Bfcs train for 2-3 years and peer supporters typically train for 10-12 weeks.

Horses for courses

MegBusset Thu 12-Jul-07 11:15:42

Thanks, Tiktok... she followed a Certain Childcare Guru and tried to only feed three-hourly from birth, rather than on demand, so her milk supply never came through

tiktok Thu 12-Jul-07 11:36:56


Even that Certain ChildCare Guru does not suggest her scheduling from birth.

It's the Baby Whisperer who does that....oh, maybe that's who you mean.

But whatever, scheduling from birth can mean a very poor bf experience

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