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Exclusively breastfeeding 9 month old - enough milk?!

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Bumpandus Wed 27-Mar-19 20:54:46

Hi my LO is 9.5 months (7.5 adjusted as was prem).
Her feeds are like this:
7am both boobs usually good feed
11am short feed usually one side
3pm short feed usually one side
7pm both boobs usually good feed
11pm one side good feed
3am one side good feed

Is this normal I feel like she doesn’t have enough especially in the day. She is so distracted in the day I can’t get her to stay latched on and never gets the other side. She has 3 meals a day but no snacks.

Should I introduce snacks or will she breastfeed even less?

She was 3lb at birth and currently 14lb 9 but on her chart she’s doing great weight wise.

She has expressed breastmilk when she visits her dad for one day over the weekend and I usually only pump about 60-120mls when she’s she feeds whilst she’s there.

Any experience? Thanks.

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northdownmummy Wed 27-Mar-19 21:01:24

I know it can be a worry but please he assured that what you're able to pump is absolutely no indication of what shes getting when nursing. Babies are just so much more efficient.
The distraction sounds totally normal for her age and it seem like you've introduced plenty of solids. Just offer, and she'll take what she needs.

I'm still feeding my toddler and shes able to tell me that theres lots of milk, despite me no longer being able to Express more than a drop.

Dinosforall Wed 27-Mar-19 22:18:53

My DS is just under 9 mo, on 3 meals a day and usually feeds 7am ish, noon, 4pm and 8pm. He has been taking night feeds but I'm not 100% convinced he needs them as such. So your LO seems to be taking plenty by comparison

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