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Blocked Duct :-(((((

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magnolia1 Wed 11-Jul-07 12:11:48

Ok woke up saturday morning with 2 red sor patches and lumps underneath. I know the drill so fed tons, tried to get ds1's chin in right place, warm compresses and combing, massaging while feeding ect....

Yesterday morning was feeling tons better (thanks to ibrufen) and thought I had got through it without it going onto mastitis.
Woke up in the night with a really sore lump and another red patch

Feel like shit but don't really want antibiotics as I get terrible thrush

Why have I got another one when I was doing everything I should??

What now? Ds1 is 7 months and used to a fast let down, the affected boob is a bit slow at the moment so he is really frustrated.

bookthief Wed 11-Jul-07 12:16:07

I think it's pretty normal for it to take a while for a blockage to clear properly and the breast may well be more prone to further blockages in the meantime.

Just keeping on doing what you are doing. I've had loads of blockages which have resulted in the horrid aches & chills a good few times. I only took antibiotics the first time and have managed to deal with it myself successfully the other times.

If you are vigilent and obviously seek medical help if things are not getting better then I think you can safely avoid antibiotics.

peanutbear Wed 11-Jul-07 12:17:33

hve you tried getting in the shower and directing the spray head at the pain then down towards nipple

magnolia1 Wed 11-Jul-07 12:29:29

Don't have a shower might go to my mums and use hers.

determination Wed 11-Jul-07 13:42:00

have you tried feeding on all fours for gravity to help clear it?

hand express and massage quite firmly from behind the lump down towrds the nipple. Do this when you can fully relax to get the milk flowing easier.

apply warm compress, then cool compress, then warm compress, then express manually. To open/close/open the ducts.

Belladonna homeopathic remedy will nqaturally get rid of the inflammation.

mamaladybug Tue 17-Jul-07 19:56:21

This happened to me. I had a blocked duct under nipple.... I bf DD upside down on bed....with her chin placed to blocked duct (stronger suck to blocked area). It cleared really fast!!!)
Good luck

MaeBee Wed 18-Jul-07 20:13:14

magnolia - i started getting blocked ducts occassionally when my lo feeds less. i did what you have already described, but expressing after my lo had fed from effected breast, to complete the feed, seemed to be what cleared it for me. i think my lo couldn't be arsed to suck when he wasn't getting it quick enough on that side, so thats why it wasn't healing.
oh, and take more ibuprofen (within the recommended dose obviously!) as this will help inflammation.
if you DO have to take antibiotics, take acidophilius tablets at the same time and afterward, this really helps maintain gut bacteria and stops thrush.

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