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OMG, tried the breast crawl with 3 week old DD

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bumperlicious Wed 11-Jul-07 09:20:54

It was amazing! Can't believe she did it! Felt a bit bad making her work so hard for her dinner but she was brilliant and for once she latched on perfectly!

I just have a few questions for those in the know:

We were both naked, doing skin to skin and when she was done she zonked out and looked so peaceful laying on my breast but I had to get her dressed and ready for bed. Felt awful waking her up from what looked like the best sleep she had ever had! Any advice. Would it work if I dressed her before?

Also, is this something you would do regularly or just a couple of times to get her to learn how to latch properly? Because for the couple of feeds since the latch still hasn't been great.

Would really recommend it though, I'm not usually earth mothery or lentil weavery but it truely was amazing!

Pixiefish Wed 11-Jul-07 09:23:28

what is the breast crawl?

bumperlicious Wed 11-Jul-07 09:29:50

Check this thread out pixiefish.

tiktok Wed 11-Jul-07 10:16:31

bump - that is brilliant. How lovely for you and her.

This is so new (to us, here in the UK) that I have only known a handful of mothers who have done it, so I can only use informed guesswork to suggest doing this again at least once a day for the time being, and I would guage that this will be therapeutic in that she will become better and better at latching on without a crawl....and you can modify it, with a biological nurturing position which is basically the 'end' of the crawl. You could try her with a nappy and vest on, as a modification of the naked thing.

No need to feel 'bad' about making her 'work' - you are tapping into instinctive behaviour when you let her do this, and the baby won't mind

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