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MatildasMummy Tue 10-Jul-07 10:54:50

My little girl is almost 10 months and was exclusively bf for 6 months. I started to introduce formula with weaning but am still bf morning and night. I really enjoy this and it is incredibly convenient bleary eyed first thing in the morning but we plan to stop at 12 months.

My query is she is still on the 1st stage of formula and has two bottles a day, one with her breakfast and one with her tea. Should I move her on to follow on? I seem to recall something about her iron supply only lasting 6 months - does follow on have more iron in it? I stuck with first stage as I thought it worked well with the bf but there was nothing more scientific than that.

Does anyone have any thoughts and also tips for stopping bf without too many tears (for both parties!)

tiktok Tue 10-Jul-07 11:17:28

Follow on in a marketing con, MM. You can check the archives as we have discussed it many times....its sole purpose is to permit the formula manufacturers to advertise and raise brand awareness. If your baby is happy on the formula she has you can continue - she will not benefit from follow on. Your HV should confirm this.

You can switch to normal cows milk at 12 months.

MatildasMummy Tue 10-Jul-07 11:21:54

I had a look through the archives, but was unsure about the iron thing. Will stick to first phase then until 12 months and I will then move her to full cow's milk.

haven't heard from my HV since she came round to give me the weaning talk at 5 months. as such we have pretty much been doing on our own thing. probably a common problem as HV in our area are pretty stretched.

thanks for your help.

hercules1 Tue 10-Jul-07 11:23:06

The extra iron cant really be absorbed by the baby anyway. I would stick with what you are doing adn then give cows milk at a year.

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