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breastfeeding & prozac

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shamblinrose Tue 10-Jul-07 08:35:01

hello there.
i have been diagnosed with PND and it has been suggested i start on prozac. i am Bf and despite having diffs with it at the start - i would like to continue but i am worried about the effects of this on the baby. i never took as much as a paracetamol whilst pg and still havent since she arrived. is there any other mums out there who are bf whilst on meds?

bookthief Tue 10-Jul-07 08:40:59

I have a friend who was on Prozac from the 2nd trimester of her recent pregnancy and breastfed after her dd was born. Her doctors had no issues with this at all but I believe that there are antidepressants which are considered more appropriate for bf mothers. I'm sure someone with direct experience will be on to help.

Mossy Tue 10-Jul-07 11:45:44

Shamblinrose I am on 20 mg Prozac a day for over six weeks now and am bfing, ds has been absolutely fine. Apparently - according to Dr - Prozac is fine, but Seroxat is not, nor are any tri-cyclics.

Olissa Tue 10-Jul-07 13:55:01

Sorry Mossy but your GP is talking out of an orifice best used for defaecating

There are quite a few ADs you can breastfeed on, including several tricyclics. I'm on one. My own GP didn't know which AD would be best for me, so he referred me to a consultant at the local psychiatric hospital.

DS is nearly 8 months now and I'm still breastfeeding him, no probs. I'm also feeling a lot better.

Shamblinrose, have they offered you any other treatment as well as ADs? Any counselling etc? Just wondered as it sounds like you'd rather not take the tablets. Hope this reassures you it's OK to take them though, and feel better soon honey.

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