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4 month growth spurt is it real?

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Middlrm Thu 14-Mar-19 16:19:58

Just wondering if the 3 month growth spurt is real, if any mums have experienced and survived it?

My little guy is 16 weeks tomorrow he has been slowly a god sleep last few weeks needing only 2 feeds in the night Last feed 9:30 then a 1 am and a 4 am feed and for 3 marvellous days he only needed the 4 am this seemed to be a result of him eating a lot in the day 45 oz or 1300’ml
Happy days but last night he still needed the extra feeds and today he has hit 450z by 3pm he has been so cranky and so tried and he has screamed for his milk ... something he hasn’t done in a while ... he is eating every 1 and half hours to 3 hours at the moment .... have I lost out on a good nights sleep before it really started 😢

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Imicola Thu 14-Mar-19 16:43:12

Mine ate a lot more at about 16 weeks, for about a week. Maybe an extra 20%,including an extra night feed most nights. Got through that and then we had again more extra night feeds because teething was causing problems with feeding during the day! Now at 21 weeks and all back to normal.

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