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Finally found a great HV!

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MrsTittleMouse Mon 09-Jul-07 13:27:53

Thought I'd post something positive for a change. DD just had her 8 month check up with the HV. We were discussing eating, and when she found out that DD was still breastfed, she looked at DD and said....... "lucky you!". Hurray, a supportive HV! She was also very reassuring about my questions re: DD's iron levels and told me that iron in BM is much more easily absorbed that other sources, so no need for concern. And she was great about DD's weight, unlike the useless GP who told me that DD is "obese" and suggested sweetened water . She's 91st centile tall and 98th for weight, so pretty much in proportion.

talia2 Mon 09-Jul-07 21:15:33

My little lad is the same, 91st tall 98th weight. He's 8 weeks and my gp has told me that there is no way i'll be able to exclusivly breastfeed and I need to start supplementing, i'm not adverse to him having the occassional bottle of expressed milk or formula but dont want to start intervining to much. Has your little girl always been big and did you exclusivly breastfeed?

Pannacotta Mon 09-Jul-07 21:54:07

Talia I posted on your other thread too.
Just wanted to say I exclusively breastfed DS1 until he was 6 months (and then on till he was 2) and he was also on the 98th centile for weight.
My GP also told me to supplement with formula, which I ignored, its a load of old rubbish. Please dont listen as giving formula will affect your supply and there is no reason whatsoever why you wont be able to breastfeed him exclusively just because he is big!

moondog Mon 09-Jul-07 23:08:41

Talia,your GP is talking through his arse.
If your baby needs mor,just put him bac on the breast.
Your body is clever enough to make a baby and clever enough to know how much milk to make if the baby is allowed to find his own pace.

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