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bf mum with stomach bug - what to do?

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time4tea Mon 09-Jul-07 07:54:17

I've spent all last night feeling sick and just had a huge vomit, yesterday was feeling headachey and tired. I assume its a bug. I can't face food, but will drink water and herb tea - is this enough to keep bf'ing going? DS is nearly 5 months and wholly bfed. (I assume the b-feeding means that there shouldn't be any problems with transfer of bug to the baby, he seems fit as a flea, as usual)

thanks, feeling ropey as hell, need Dr. Mumsnet!

NotQuiteCockney Mon 09-Jul-07 07:55:53

Keep feeding, eat whatever you can (white carb?). Not only won't your baby get the bug via bf, your baby will be protected by your antibodies, thanks to bf.

Your milk supply will be fine.

moopymoo Mon 09-Jul-07 07:57:28

rough for you! hang in there - bf will keep going fine, as always, your body gives the baby the good stuff first, the consistancy/quality of your milk changes very little even if your diet is quite poor, esp 5 months in. rest, drink as much as you can, keep going! hope you feeling better soon.

eidsvold Mon 09-Jul-07 08:01:54

as long as you keep your fluids up as much as you can - baby will be fine. I had a touch of food poisoning a couple of weeks ago and did a search - apparently they are fine if you are breastfeeding. Just be careful with washing hands etc.

Keep feeding as usual - which is what I did.

time4tea Mon 09-Jul-07 08:08:09

great! :-) you are wonders... so fast, so helpful

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