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Nutramigen and Carobel - how to mix?

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themitch Sun 08-Jul-07 20:43:02

Hi there

I have just put my little one onto Nutramigen and Carobel (he has reflux) and was just wondering if it's ok to put the two powders together prior to adding to the water? Or do they need to be kept apart and added separately?

We like to make up his powders in those little tupperware pots so it's easy to make up his meals and was hoping we could just add the 3 scoops of carobel to the already 6 scoops of nutramigen.

Our little one is 8 and half weeks old.

Thanks in advance.


fingerwoman Mon 09-Jul-07 00:37:20


themitch Wed 11-Jul-07 00:53:07

thanks for bumping

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