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what age can you just bf morning and evening before bed, and not express/feed in the day?

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Gemmitygem Sun 08-Jul-07 16:07:47

DS is 9 months, has 4 breastfeeds a day (2 of expressed milk cos I work), and 3 full meals, plus drinks of water. He's a very good eater.

I'm wondering when he could move onto just breastfeeds morning and before bed, and cows' milk/goats' milk in the day with his meals, and would I be able to give him enough milk that way? would the supply adjust?

I only just dropped his 10 pm feed, so he goes 7pm to 6 or 6.30 am without anything, so don't want to do anything too drastic to reduce his intake too much. However, I would like to basically stop breastfeeding by one year (or reduce it to just a bit of comfort feeding), as already it's slowly becoming more about comfort and less about food, and I would quite like to think about baby number 2 (worried that periods haven't come back yet).

Any advice gratefully appreciated!

LIZS Sun 08-Jul-07 16:36:38

Ours were approaching a year . dd kept up a teatime cup of milk , ds didn't.

iamasurvivor Sun 08-Jul-07 19:04:30

i wouldnt give him cows milk yet but you could replace milk with cheese/yogurts etc. are you wanting to stop expressing? when my dd was 6 months and i had gone back to work, she would have breatfeed morning and evening with 1 bottle of EBM in the afternoon, the rest of her calories came from solids. why not try just giving 1 bottle of ebm and replacing the other with a snack of yogurt/fruit etc. HTH

Gemmitygem Mon 09-Jul-07 01:53:53


yes, he already has quite a lot of cheese and yoghurt.. I could cut it to one bottle of EBM, just worried that my supply would drop, ,but friends have said your supply adjusts...

iamasurvivor Mon 09-Jul-07 02:24:21

your supply will adjust slightly especially if you are only expressing enough for one feed, but will still produce enough milk for your LO requirements.

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