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Breastfeeding. Mum anaemic, Baby anaemic

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sosososoTiredagain Tue 05-Mar-19 20:48:23

Ds is now 13 months. I have a history of being anaemic and am always on and off ferrous fumarate as it’s theonly one I can tolerate.
Ds was diagnosed anaemic last year, he struggles to keep Sytron down but we try our best and his diet contains iron rich food-lentils, chickpeas, meat and a bottle each day of a fortified toddler milk.
My level is 8 so is his I can’t get us any higher 😔
I eat well too but have very heavy periods so not sure what I can do. I’m not allowed the combined pill
I’m exhausted of being exhausted and worried about ds

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Poppins2016 Tue 05-Mar-19 20:57:11

The Mirena can help with heavy periods (and I'm sure there will be other things that a GP could/should advise)...

Drinking tea and coffee (particularly with meals) will hinder iron absorption.

You'll need to ensure you have adequate intake of other vitamins to aid absorption, e.g. vitamin C. This website is useful:

Could your GP refer you to a nutritionist?

In the meantime, good luck. You must feel drained. flowers

sosososoTiredagain Tue 05-Mar-19 21:36:30

Oh I do drink a lot of tea and coffee.....because I feel so tired 🤦‍♀️
I could ask the gp about a nutritionist but I feel like I actually eat well. I’m just worried about ds and imagine my milk is low quality ?

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GrandmaSharksDentures Tue 05-Mar-19 21:39:43

There is very little iron in breastmilk. Is your son eating a varied diet including iron rich foods?

sosososoTiredagain Tue 05-Mar-19 21:47:55

He eats well but they gave Sytron which he often throws up so unsure how much actually goes in. Maybe there’s a gentler iron preparation he could have ill ask the gp

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