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How do I get dd not to hold onto my boob with her teeth!!!

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Jackmummy Sun 08-Jul-07 08:18:19

DD is now 20 months old and over the last few weeks bf has become uncomfortable. I wouldn't say it was painful at all but just not nice!
I've noticed that when she eventually pulls away I have teeth marks around the base of my nipple. So I assume thats what is making it uncomfortable.
She doesn't really talk as yet, so I don't really think she is taking in me telling her not to bite and I suppose she isn't really biting.
At this rate I'm thinking of stopping
Do you think it may just be a short lived phase?

Squitch Sun 08-Jul-07 13:22:26

My DD did this for a little while too - I found that putting a finger into her mouth whilst she was doing it made her let go, and I kept doing it till she learnt that she wasnt going to be able to have any till she stopped biting! Obviously wouldnt recommend this at a young age, but my DD is about the same age as yours so she understands enough!

Hope this helps a bit - good luck, teeth marks are not fun

mytwopenceworth Sun 08-Jul-07 13:30:28

ooh ouch. ds1 cut his teeth on me (I have scars!) so deep deep sympathies to you.

Every time he did it, I took him off and said NO. very sharply. He found the constant interruptions of his lunch very annoying and he stopped (mostly)

ItsPotatoesForYouMyLad Sun 08-Jul-07 13:37:17

dd is 18m and we've survived various fads of biting etc. i really wanted to say, just cos she can't speak doesn't mean she can't understand what you're saying to her.
good luck

Jackmummy Sun 08-Jul-07 14:26:27

I know that she probably does understand... but me talking to her is having no effect. She looks over my shoulder looking like she's not absorbing what I'm saying. I would take her off and say NO, but I can't while she's gripping me with her teeth! I say to her no Maia, not with your teeth etc and she continues to hold her teeth clamped around my nipple while she looks at me giggling! Charming child!
As its not really pain as such I am continuing to feed her.

margosbeenplayingwithmynoonoo Sun 08-Jul-07 14:32:00

I asked for advice about this a few days ago.

Suggestions - pinch their nostrils shut, or draw your lo's headf towards your breast.

Good luck

policywonk Sun 08-Jul-07 14:36:08

If you continue to feed her anyway, she's just getting the message that you're not bothered about her biting you, despite what you're saying, so she just carries right on. If you want her to stop, you have to take her off (do as margo suggests, or slide finger into her mouth and between her jaws to release yourself). Do this every time you feel her using her teeth, and she'll get the idea pretty quickly. If you're not consistent, it will take a lot longer!

runnervt Sun 08-Jul-07 21:53:19

Maybe feeding in a slightly different position would help?
With my ds it can be painful feeding but he's not biting. It's like he's holding on with his teeth or his teeth are just grating on me. I've found changing our positions relative to each other has helped (but not always). I guess I'm changing the angle that he latches on or something. I don't think he's doing anything different to when it doesn't hurt so I can't explain to him to stop!

mawbroon Sun 08-Jul-07 22:04:52

I was going to suggest changing position, same as runnervt. I had this problem with ds a few weeks ago and also had the little teeth marks after feeding, but he wasn't actually biting. I sat him on a pillow so he was higher up and not dragging so much on the nipple. It helped and now he seems to have stopped doing it and we have gone back to just feeding with him sitting on my knee.

Jackmummy Mon 09-Jul-07 07:28:34

Thanks runnervt and mawbroon. I will definately try that later and let you know how we get on. I'll admit that we still tend to use much the same position as we did when she was a newborn, which is prob silly but I never thought to change!

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