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Alpro 1-3 or Oatly barista

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cleaningadvice Sat 02-Mar-19 22:03:11

Ds has a bottle of alpro 1-3 each day (4/5 oz). Really likes it. Also breastfed for other feeds. He has CMPA

Recently I’ve heard a lot about soya being bad for boys-would such a small amount cause harm ? He really loves it. Should I change to oatly barista ? I’m not sure he would like it as much but is it the same nutrition wise ?

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cleaningadvice Sat 02-Mar-19 22:03:42

Forgot to add he has just turned 1

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HabbyHadno Sat 02-Mar-19 22:07:41

I've been using regular Oatly (the whole one) since DS was one and he took to it really well. What's the difference with the Barista one to the other ones?

cleaningadvice Sat 02-Mar-19 22:14:40

Apparently the fat content is better. So I’m wondering if it will be better then alpro but alpro has more vitamins etc

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cleaningadvice Sat 02-Mar-19 22:16:22

I’m loathed go change as he really loves the alpro but I’ve read so much that it’s not good to have soya so I’m confused. The dietician said it’s fine but I’m now a bit confused

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HabbyHadno Sat 02-Mar-19 22:45:12

I avoided soya as I read that it can cause thyroid issues, but obviously a dietitian will know much more than me. To be honest if they're eating a good diet the milk probably doesn't matter so much. I add vitamin drops to the Oatly once a day, just to make sure it's got what it needs in there, but we've never had any issues with it and DS seems to like the taste.

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