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How long does it take for formula milk to "get out of the system" so to speak??

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fannyannie Thu 05-Jul-07 20:03:13

Just wondering as it would appear I made a VERY silly decision yesterday to try DS3 on Aptimil instead of SMA - I thought the latter was causing him to be quite windy (bottom end mainly) but the Aptimil seems to me making him worse - he's been AWFUL today (and last night)......going to change back to the SMA as this is awful - but just wondered how long I can expect the irritability to continue????

fannyannie Thu 05-Jul-07 20:09:16

bump - anyone have any idea how long I can expect this to go on for????

kiskidee Fri 06-Jul-07 01:58:22

the stuff itself ought to take 24 hrs i should think, as long as baby isn't constipated by it. but the stomach upset itself may persist after changeover until the gut lining 'settles' down. Think of when something makes you ill, you can still feel queasy and 'not right' for a day or two?

if you still want to try something else, what about C&G or Hipp?

on a biological note, formula removes a protective coating from the intestines which bm maintains for as long as a baby is exclusively bf. the coating prevents things like tummy bugs and upsets. it means that in ff babies this, lining doesn't exist.

fannyannie Fri 06-Jul-07 17:01:54

thanks for the information - he was certainly much better last night (although slept for 4hrs - his personal record - from 8.30pm-12.30pm - DH was then up with him from 2am until 5.20 with DS3 being wide awake and happy (during the day he'd been sleepy/grumpy).

Bubbaloo Sat 14-Jul-07 13:04:26

FWIW I changed ds2 from SMA to Aptimal last week as he's a very windy/colicky baby and thought another formula may help him.
It's been great and he certainly doesn't scream as much/arch his back etc...but his nappies are vile.
Sorry if TMI but they are so bad that he nearly always needs a change of clothes afterwards as the nappies are leaking,so I have just gone and bought a tub of Farleys to see if that's any better.
I did phone Aptimals helpline who said it can take some babies 2 weeks before their nappies settle and with some babies these awful nappies can stay for the duration.Such a shame as he much prefers the taste to SMA and is draining every bottle.

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