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Does stopping b/f increase sexual desire?

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genia Thu 08-Aug-02 09:55:18

My son is 8.5 months old and I would like to continue breastfeeding until he is at least one and possibly longer if he still wants it... I love feeding him and he enjoys the comfort - also the milk is good for him etc.. However I was wondering if those of you who have been through stopping noticed a difference in levels of physical desire? It's not top of my list of priorities at the moment but I find it difficult to feel that "revved up" sexually and am wondering if this is going to be it for good? Hope not!

aloha Thu 08-Aug-02 10:04:18

Hi Genia - breastfeeding raises levels of the hormone prolactin that does definitely suppress desire for some people- erm, me included. I'm stil b/feeding at nearly 11 months and it is a bit of a struggle libido-wise, but I think it's worth it, personally.

Tissy Thu 08-Aug-02 10:11:08

Yes, definitely, I haven't felt like it since dd was born 7 months ago! Don't know whether taking the POP affects libido as well, but although I've been taking it, I haven't needed it!

Bozza Thu 08-Aug-02 10:48:50

I think it probably varies between individuals. Personally I think mega lack of sleep is the biggest turn-off going!

mears Thu 08-Aug-02 11:11:11

I have said this before that this breast feeding thing and sex is a red herring. Yes I know all the hormonal theories etc. about why it should be so.
Your sex life alters when you have a baby - breast or bottle feeding. You are knackered. I think I had more sex when I was breast feeding than I do now, my youngest is 8 and I'm still knackered. Spending too much time on mumsnet

sml Thu 08-Aug-02 13:05:13

I felt much better all round, more energy etc each time I cut down or stopped breastfeeding.

jolou1 Thu 08-Aug-02 13:12:29

I found nookie physically a lot more comfortable once I finished breastfeeding and that led to a renewed interest in sex for both of us....I was a lot more relaxed. Also led to pregnancy within weeks, but that serves me right for being too lazy to cross the room and open a drawer!

Chinchilla Thu 08-Aug-02 22:27:30

I found that the return of my periods (which obviously co-incided with the reduction in b/f'ing) made a huge difference. I am back to normal again, even though ds still has a feed each day.

Katherine Fri 09-Aug-02 12:06:27

I found I had very little interest in anything physical the whole time I was breastfeeding with both my children. I fed both for a year and as soon as I stoppped my interest came back. My poor husband thought I'd gone off him but I think it was all hormonal. At least I feel really sexy when pregnant so he does get some compensation!

mears Sun 11-Aug-02 23:08:11

Chinchilla - I think you may have hit it on the head regarding periods. My periods returned early despite exclusive breastfeeding on demand. The shortest was 6 weeks and the longest was 4 months. That may be the reason I did not feel less 'interested' because of breasfeeding. I wonder if this is a new conept or has someone written a thesis on it before?

Clarinet60 Mon 26-Aug-02 22:40:23

I too have zero desire, but I've taken the thinking one stage further in that I have a strange (but strong)superstition that if I were to force the issue and let desire take over, I would lose my milk supply, which is a little hit & miss at the best of times. Something about allocation of energy and there only being a certain amount to go round. There is probably no biological basis for this, just another neurosis to add to everyone's collections!

SofiaAmes Mon 26-Aug-02 23:13:32

I had a similar experience to chinchilla, when I went back to work and cut the bfing down to twice a day (ds was 11 mo.), my periods started again and so did the enjoyment of sex. I found that before that it wasn't particularly enjoyable and quite painful. We still had sex anyway as my husband couldn't possibly have done without, but don't worry droile, it didn't reduce my milk supply....

mears Tue 27-Aug-02 09:12:17

If anything Droile - it might improve your milk supply! Oxytocin - the love hormone - makes the milk 'lrt down'. It also is responsible for the successful climax to lovemaking - if you know what I mean

mears Tue 27-Aug-02 09:13:02

Meant 'let down' and was too embaraassed to type orgasm :

Clarinet60 Fri 06-Sep-02 13:06:01

Oh good, I might try it then ......

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