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Drinking alcohol after DS has gone to sleep

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123drink Fri 15-Feb-19 21:31:39

Agree with LB. was my midwifes agreement. He never suffered 😊

JustAboutGettingBy Fri 15-Feb-19 20:54:12

Thanks. My son is 16mo so although I fully appreciate the no co sleeping comment (and he sleeps in his cot unless ill and I am unlikely to drink when he is poorly) he is more likely to kick or push me out of bed or lay on me than the other way around 😂 I have never known anyone shuffle so much in their sleep!!

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LBOCS2 Fri 15-Feb-19 20:50:24

My midwife said that if you were sober enough to hold the baby, you were sober enough to feed the baby. I thought this was reasonable advice 😁 obviously the usual caveat applies though - cosleeping is not safe if you've had a drink, but otherwise, enjoy!

Passmethecrisps Fri 15-Feb-19 20:48:25

The reality is that you can quite safely drink considerably more than the legal driving limit. As long as you aren’t cosleeping and aren’t getting senseless then there is absolutely nothing to be hmm about.

I have a happy memory of feeding a three week old dd in a pub while sipping on a glass of wine. I was being watched by a curious and impressed young woman.

JustAboutGettingBy Fri 15-Feb-19 20:42:57

Great thanks. In my mind its as you say, the same as driving, so it wouldn't matter if I drank a couple of glasses every night based on the fact its long gone before DS is feeding again. I hate judgy people hmm

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CherryPavlova Fri 15-Feb-19 19:54:20

Of course it’s fine. Even if feeding more frequently, it’s fine once established. As you say a glass or two of a decent Chablis is heavenly after a long week and isn’t going to make you senseless.

BendingSpoons Fri 15-Feb-19 19:13:33

What I was trying to explain

BendingSpoons Fri 15-Feb-19 19:10:37

It's COMPLETELY fine and would be fine even if it wasn't nearly 24 hours. Alcohol gets into your milk at the same rate as your blood. The legal drink drive limit on your blood is way below the cut off for non-alcoholic beer (0.5%).

silverliningsa Fri 15-Feb-19 19:09:57

Yes fine!

likablum Fri 15-Feb-19 19:08:15

Totally fine

JustAboutGettingBy Fri 15-Feb-19 19:06:51

I ask as I dont see the problem but a friend was hmm with me

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JustAboutGettingBy Fri 15-Feb-19 19:06:15

So DS has one feed a day at bedtime. I know alot of people dont agree with drinking alcohol whilst bfeeding but surely a couple of drinks after hes gone to sleep is fine seeing as it will be a whole 24 hours before the next long as you are capable of looking after them of course

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