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Sudden bottle refusal

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Paranormalbouquet Thu 14-Feb-19 13:26:46

I had a rough time getting feeding established with my DD2 who is now 10 weeks- exclusively expressed for 2 weeks then nipple shields for 2 more weeks. She’s been doing brilliantly since and we introduced a bottle of ebm again 3-4 times a week at 6 weeks. As my first child was a bottle refuser I was delighted she could switch happily between bottle and breast. She only ever took 2-3oz but was fine with that.

She’s now 10 weeks and has flat out refused for past 3 days. Is this likely to continue? Any tips to get her taking it again? It’s not a disaster if she doesn’t but my husband was enjoying doing it and I was happy at the prospect of a little freedom!

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Supermum2019 Thu 14-Feb-19 23:30:50

Hi. My DS is not 6 months and refusing the bottle but i put this down to teething. He did refuse it around 10-11 weeks, he also only ever too between 2-3oz from a bottle, i checked with a health visitor and she recommended i changed the teat to a size 1-2 because babies get more efficient at extracting milk from the breast and can get it quicker but it can take more time when sucking a bottle with a newborn teat. It worked for DS until now. I am hoping once the teething and tonsilitis calm down he will take thw bottle. Wish you all the best

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 15-Feb-19 21:03:58

Definitely try the next test size bit it's not unusual for a combi-fed baby to suddenly show a preference for one method of feeding smile

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