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Unusual blocked duct - partial blockage maybe?

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Merename Fri 08-Feb-19 16:48:08

I’ve had a fair few blocked ducts and mastitis through feeding both my babies so know all the usual tricks to get them cleared.

Usually when I’ve had a blockage, it’s been a hard wedge and the blockage is at the nipple, a bleb or blockage that emerges from a nipple pore and empties it. However this is a tender area on one side, when I examine it the most tender spots are two small areas, each pea sized or smaller. They feel quite firm and unchanging. After expressing or feeding, it feels better but still tender.

I’ve had this for 5/6 days now, which is the other unusual thing. It’s never gotten any better or worse overall, no redness or mastitis symptoms. What’s going on? Can you just have a small inflammation without milk flow being obstructed completely? After the first 2 days I left it alone, thinking I was aggravating it with all my massaging and expressing efforts, but since it stayed the same I started again with baths/showers, dangle feeds, massage and more frequent feeding etc.

Presumably with no mastitis symptoms it can’t be an abscess or such like can it? Why is it still so sore?!! Any ideas?

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