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Is there any difference between the perfect prep and the day/night one?

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brokenhead Fri 01-Feb-19 20:13:26

I can see that the newer one is more quiet (or reviews say it is) and it has a little light? Is that the only difference?

Has anyone used both and what would you recommend? I had the original perfect prep, well actually we had two one upstairs and one downstairs. Does it make a difference and should I get the newer one which is double the price or two of the normal one?


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nevernotstruggling Fri 01-Feb-19 20:16:17

You know they just measure the powder right? Save yourself the cash x

brokenhead Fri 01-Feb-19 21:11:44

They measure the water not the powder, or does the new one also measure the powder?

It's to do with having a bottle ready to drink at the right temp you can't do that with a kettle .. so it's much much quicker

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