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How much does your 15 month old breast feed?

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Isitwinteryet Mon 21-Jan-19 00:06:13

Just that really, how many times a day? Roughly how long for? Just curious to see how DD compares.

She currently has a feed in a morning for about 5 or 10 mins. I offer before her nap in the afternoon too, however this ranges from feeding for about 5 mins tops to not wanting it at all and going for a nap without.

She obviously has water available all through the day with the odd cup of juice and she also has about 6 or 7oz of oat milk before bed. (Fortified and high fat)

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SazCat Mon 21-Jan-19 00:13:39

I stopped feeding at 16 months, but in the few months leading up to this she'd have 5-10 mins in the morning and then would feed to sleep - taking from between 5 and 20 mins

Isitwinteryet Mon 21-Jan-19 00:21:56

@Saved she's not fed to sleep for as long as I can remember. 😭 I used to love that.

If you don't mind me asking did you wean at 16 months or did your DD stop herself? My DD spends such a short amount of time I'm thinking she might stop on her own within the next couple if months which makes me a bit sad!

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Isitwinteryet Mon 21-Jan-19 00:22:44

That was meant to say at @SazCat -auto correct!!

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SazCat Mon 21-Jan-19 00:53:14

I decided to stop - she was waking frequently in the night for feeds. The morning was fine as I just got her up and gave her breakfast and she wasn't bothered.

The feeding to sleep, the first night I rocked her instead and I'm not gonna lie she cried on and off for a couple of hours before she was fast enough asleep that I could put her down. But then each night got better and it was only a week before my DH was able to put her to bed (an absolute joy to me!!)

To be honest we still hold her til she's asleep now at 20 months and then put her down... which I know isn't ideal but she sleeps through most the time as opposed to when she BF. So for us it's better! X

Isitwinteryet Mon 21-Jan-19 09:59:23

@SazCat I don't think DD would be too bothered if stopped now either really. Luckily she's a good sleeper and has put her self to sleep and sleeps through for months now. On the odd nights she doesn't put herself to sleep we still cuddle her to sleep as well!

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Batteriesallgone Mon 21-Jan-19 10:02:55

My first fed a million times a day at this age

My second I think about four times and day

My third is a bit older but was feeding only first thing, nap and nighttime.

All three were awake through the night at this age, cosleeping and feeding back to sleep. Youngest only wakes twice a night. Oldest was still waking every hour at this age.

Batteriesallgone Mon 21-Jan-19 10:03:39

Sorry a lot of ‘at this age’ repeats there!!! I’m tired lol

Isitwinteryet Mon 21-Jan-19 13:52:26

@Batteriesallgone oh gosh! I couldn't even imagine every hour at this stage! 😅

I'm hoping she keeps feeding for a while yet. Our plan is to TTC #2 this summer and I've read that being pregant often stops toddlers nursing...

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Eatmycheese Mon 21-Jan-19 14:03:57

@Isitwinteryet being pregnant didn't stop mine grin

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