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Nipple confusion? Can I fix it?

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Eminybob Sun 20-Jan-19 06:31:57

Ds is 8 weeks old and ebf. Feeding has been going great, but a couple of weeks ago I introduced a dummy.
This was mainly to help him resettle after night feeds as he gets really colicky and grunty after about 3am and the sucking seemed to soothe him back to sleep.

I also found that it helps him settle for naps so the amount he has it has been increasing and I have also found myself using it to settle general fussiness in the evenings.

The last couple of days though, I’ve noticed his latch when feeding doesnt seem very deep, he often slips off, it doesn’t feel like he’s sucking as strongly and he seems to feed for a shorter time.

So this is nipple confusion right? Can I fix it without giving up the dummy? (I realise I’ll have to reduce its use dramatically) and will I be able to get him feeding normally again? Or do I need to ditch it completely? I desperately do not want to give up breastfeeding.

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Eminybob Sun 20-Jan-19 07:36:07


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helterskelter3 Sun 20-Jan-19 07:46:00

It’s probably just back to basics with the feeding. Make sure positioning is bang on etc. By 8 weeks, you get more comfortable, confident and relaxed and the positioning slips a bit (happened to me smile). I’ve had 3, all ebf, and all had dummies. I don’t know what I’d do without them!
I found making sure the baby was lying completely across my boobs and at 90 degrees made things much easier. Good luck!

Eminybob Sun 20-Jan-19 07:54:56

Thank you. So do you think if I do that I can still use a dummy too?

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Megasaur5keeper Sun 20-Jan-19 11:24:30

About the length of feeds- bear in mind as well that they do sometimes get better and quicker at feeding as they get bigger and stronger. Is he still having plenty wet + dirty nappies and gaining weight?
Second advice about going back to basics with positioning etc!

Eminybob Sun 20-Jan-19 15:13:17

Thanks. He seems to be getting a cold as well, so I’m guessing this could be effecting feeding.
He is still having plenty of nappies so he must still be getting enough milk.

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Megasaur5keeper Sun 20-Jan-19 20:48:44

Mine has a cold now and it's definitely affecting her feeding- she's not staying on very long until she wants to sit up- guessing snot collecting unpleasantly when she's lying down.
Hope you get sorted

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