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Experience with ranitidine

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Scottishmummy18 Sat 22-Dec-18 21:27:46

Just wondering how long it took to see a difference for those that used ranitidine for their little ones? (If any difference!)

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keeponrunning85 Sat 22-Dec-18 21:46:52

It is a bit difficult to remember as I was in the newborn fog, but I think DD seemed more comfortable within a couple of days.

It hasn't made a jot of difference to the frequency/volume of the regurgitation but I wasn't expecting it to.

FuchsiaG Sun 23-Dec-18 16:35:54

About 3 weeks for us. It was slow but fingers crossed seems to be working and he's a lot more comfortable now.

Scottishmummy18 Sun 23-Dec-18 21:49:39

Glad you seen improvement! We've been using it a few days now and seems to be kicking in. Fingers crossed!

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FuchsiaG Mon 24-Dec-18 10:40:09

Good luck, reflux is awful xx

Bigonesmallone3 Mon 24-Dec-18 10:41:46

Brilliant stuff!

babysharkah Mon 24-Dec-18 10:44:52

A couple of weeks before it really kicked in.

ginandnappies Mon 24-Dec-18 14:16:43

Good few weeks before it worked properly. It's a miracle.

sundaysunday Mon 24-Dec-18 16:03:42

About a fortnight before I noticed a difference. Baby then needed weighing and the dose increasing every fortnight to keep symptoms under control as he put weight on

bonzo77 Mon 24-Dec-18 16:27:44

I think it depends a bit what you are expecting. IME it didn’t stop the vomiting. One of mine (my second) had silent reflux. It made a huge and fairly rapid change in him. I think the acid had caused some damage to his throat etc, and the ranitidine allowed it to heal and stopped it getting burned again. My other (3rd) baby was a massive massive puker. Happy but so so sick. Like whole feeds up the wall and down the stairs. He was perfectly happy but the constant expose of his skin (face, neck) to curdled milk and stomach acid meant that he had really sore skin that did eventually get infected, despite using barrier creams etc. The ranitidine did nothing to stop the puking but it meant his skin was better. I think he has unusually sensitive skin: he had the worst nappy rash I’d ever seen that needed attention from a tissue viability nurse! FWIW my first child was also a happy puker but had far less sensitive skin so we didn’t think much of it.

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