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Latch looks wrong but seems to be working - possible?

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xtinak Wed 19-Dec-18 14:20:23

I was just wondering if anyone has experience of a latch that looks wrong but seems to be working ok i.e. not causing pain and baby getting milk?

In my case, the baby really doesn't have enough breast in her mouth for it to be considered a correct latch - it looks much more like nipple feeding - but on the other hand when I try and replicate her technique with hand expressing it seems to work pretty well, which is confusing. But I'd hate to think that I'm wrong and she's not getting enough.

Has anyone else had this??

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PaperHalo Thu 20-Dec-18 01:13:13

Have no advice to give but am in the same position, hopefully someone will have an answer...

NotCitrus Thu 20-Dec-18 05:55:37

If it's not hurting you and milk is coming out, great! SIL pretty much did this, fretting she couldn't advise me on my feeding problems as she 'just stuck her tits in dn' s direction and it worked! '


MerryMarigold Thu 20-Dec-18 06:06:58

If it's working that's great. Check she's putting on weight and if she is, that's fine!

yikesanotherbooboo Thu 20-Dec-18 06:17:42

I fed a DC for four years line this. I could never get the whole arrows in. He thrived.

allthatmalarkey Thu 20-Dec-18 06:28:36

IME HVs and MWs obsess about latch - and usually all tell you something different. If you're happy and the baby's happy, carry on. Has the baby done a wet nappy yet? Should be happening around today or tomorrow. If that happens, that's the clincher - everything is working. If it doesn't, talk to the MW, but remember that babies are born able to manage for ages whilst this sort of thing gets sorted out, so don't panic.

Happygolucky009 Thu 20-Dec-18 06:29:44

Listen up..... can you hear swallowing? What are the nappies like and how many in 24 hours? Is your baby coming away after a feed herself and settled? If so you are doing fine!

allthatmalarkey Thu 20-Dec-18 06:31:59

Sorry, for some reason I thought you'd said your baby was four days old but looking back at your post you didn't. To explain my advice, your milk should come in around day 3-6. If you're past that and your babies doing wees ok, carry on. If you're not there yet, I'd carry on as you are if the two if you are happy and wait for that wet nappy.

BertrandRussell Thu 20-Dec-18 06:34:57

Is she putting on weight, producing lots of wet and dirty nappies and reasonably content? Are your breasts feeling OK? If so then you’re doing fine. smile

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