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Where can I get hold of domperidone?

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Kif Mon 25-Jun-07 06:45:28

My pharmasist says its prescription only - and I doubt my GP would be helpful!

Kif Mon 25-Jun-07 06:46:10

sigh pharmacist obviously - too early

Blandmum Mon 25-Jun-07 07:06:56

You will not be able to get it without a prescription, unelss you do something like buy it on he interner. But this would be a very risky thing to do, since internet purchaced drugs are often fakes, or may not have gone through the strict quality controles of 'normal' drugs.

Also it is prescription only because of potential side effects, and some people should not use it. The GP needs to check that out.

You'll need to discuss it with a GP

JennsterFrogLover Mon 25-Jun-07 07:50:26

Kif Domperidone isn't prescription only, but it isn't allowed to be sold over the counter for increasing milk supply as I suspect you want it for. It would also be a very expensive way of getting hold of it as is only sold in small packets (10 tabs) for about £4 and not all pharmacies will sell it. Motilium 10 is the name. It is only licensed for nausea and bloating and so the pharmacist wasn't lying when they said Prescription only.

here is a useful link you could print out and hand to your GP

Kif Mon 25-Jun-07 10:14:32

I'm not on any other meds - so no concerns about it interacting with/ agravating anything.

my gp goes a bit goggle eyed at any breast feeding talk, and tells me to discuss my feeding concerns with my hv in more detail.

I think he'd have no truck at all with prescribing me a drug for something outside the manufacturers recomendations... I know it's bad to bypass gp, but involving him seems like the route to much aggravation and no result.

JennsterFrogLover Mon 25-Jun-07 10:22:20

It's unlicensed to be used with prescription to boost milk supply, but it really is best to discuss it with your GP, and they will probably prescribe a large quantity for you. Seriously you might need 6 tabs a day. You will only get aggravated (sp?) trying to buy enough from pharmacies. Rightly they shouldn't sell it to you unless you lie, and then they should be unhappy selling you more than one pack or repeatedly selling it to you.

maisiebabe Mon 25-Jun-07 13:18:07

Why not try Brewer's Yaest to boost milk supply? I used it for a couple of months and it really worked- tastes foul but is drinkable in a banana smoothie....

maisiebabe Mon 25-Jun-07 13:19:19

yeast, even!!

DaisyMOO Mon 25-Jun-07 13:21:19

Hope I'm not bring nosey, but why do you want the domperidone?

Kif Mon 25-Jun-07 17:08:22

you speak sense jenster - I'll don my hard hat and make an appointment with the nicest gp at my surgery.

I tried another pharmacy and got my paws on two packets - but I can really see how it can become tedious and expensive getting ten at a time.

Hilariously, the leaflet describes lactation as a side effect, and warns this may affect men too . To think dh has been trotting out the lame 'men can't breastfeed' excuse for avoiding night feeds.

why do I need it? Rather long story.... let's say it's the lesser of three evils. The other two are: putting up with my apparently dairy intolerant son being miserable on formula; and, starting my fourth solid month taking a fenugeek based supplement that apparently is meant to be quite easy to stop taking .

JennsterFrogLover Mon 25-Jun-07 21:17:12

Can you tell what I do for a living? Oh and prescriptions are free of charge until baby one-ish so another good reason to get a prescription

Kif Mon 25-Jun-07 21:31:13

why? are you a doctor? come move near me!

JennsterFrogLover Mon 25-Jun-07 21:32:58

No pharmacist. Sister is doctor though.

Kif Mon 25-Jun-07 21:34:44

ah - of course - you're a pharmacist!

Mwah! Mwah! Love you guys! Always sound advice - and good preventative stuff.

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