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tesco SMA prices...? is it just me?

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EmilyandLola Sun 24-Jun-07 16:16:21

usually 5.98 or some thing for the tin, now its 6.50... wtf? is this price increase everywhere or just tesco?

Ownprivatebottlebank Sun 24-Jun-07 17:39:57

It's the new logo you are paying for!

EmilyandLola Sun 24-Jun-07 19:05:11

what! no...

Ownprivatebottlebank Sun 24-Jun-07 19:07:11

Seriously they have relaunched (including a very dodgy 'looks like breastfeeding' logo) and have put their prices up.

EmilyandLola Sun 24-Jun-07 19:08:03

thats unreal! is the price increase everywhere?

EmilyandLola Sun 24-Jun-07 19:12:24

some one should start selling SMA on the black market

Ownprivatebottlebank Sun 24-Jun-07 19:42:25

Actually it's illegal to discount formula - it's to put you off buying it.

nickytwotimes Sun 24-Jun-07 19:43:17

has gone up in asda too.

EmilyandLola Sun 24-Jun-07 21:47:41

wow, the breast feeding mafia strike again

jetjets Sun 24-Jun-07 22:25:23

Message withdrawn

tiktok Sun 24-Jun-07 23:05:06

What breastfeeding mafia?

Where else does it 'strike'?

How odd that people who support breastfeeding are equated to murderers and organised criminals.

The ban on discounting is not really to 'put you off buying it' - that's putting it too simply. The idea behind the law on discounting is so that mothers do not buy formula at one price, and then a week or whatever later find it is higher and find themselves unable to afford it, and then be tempted to give their babies non-formula milk. I think it's unlikely this would happen in the UK, but that's the reasoning behind it. It comes originally from the WHO code on the marketing of formula milk.

Permanent low prices are not illegal.
If a supermarket or shop or manufacturer decided to make all its formula £2 a pack for ever more, then this would be permissable, and I for one would welcome it.

agnesnitt Sun 24-Jun-07 23:30:28

I know a local clinic in the area where I live used to offer formula at a lower price than places such as Boots and so on. No idea what prices though, as I was a booby-wrangler. That was the best damned mums and babies/toddlers group I ever went to. They had the playroom and another where you could have your child(ren) weighed, chat to health visitors and midwives about any issues you had and buy milk if you so wanted to...

Might be worth seeing if you have anything similar in your area?

<who's off to try to remember where this was>

youpeskykids Sun 24-Jun-07 23:40:06

Cheapest place to buy formula is Costco or Makro - ok, so you have to buy in bulk, so the initial outlay is expensive, but per tin, this is a much cheaper option if you get the opportunity.

I tend to avoid the local shops (of which I am a staunch supporter usually!) and local pharmacies as in my experience, they are often the most expensive.

Superdrug or Lloyds (chemist chain not the bank!) are usually quite good on price?

fireflyfairy2 Sun 24-Jun-07 23:49:02

A clinic near me gives out baby milk to single mothers & those whose baby has milk allergies & they need goats milk.

Ask at your local clinic & see if you might qualify, I think they also helped out mums on benefits.

youpeskykids Sun 24-Jun-07 23:51:02

My sister gets tokens which are supposed to be used on milk or fruit and veg, in her area you cannot get formula milk from clinic even if you are on benefits.

tiktok Mon 25-Jun-07 09:31:35

There shouldn't be any clinics in the UK selling formula any more.

The 'Healthy Start' vouchers given to low-income/no income mothers are exchangable for fruit, veg and formula. But you exchange them at shops not at the clinic.

Makes sense to me.

cathcart Mon 25-Jun-07 09:34:15

hijack! tiktok am I right in thinking you are a bit off a bf expert?

cathcart Mon 25-Jun-07 09:36:25

- sorry for the hijack, I need a bit off help with something...

cathcart Mon 25-Jun-07 09:36:37


cathcart Mon 25-Jun-07 09:48:23

oh well, I'll catch her somewhere else I'm sure ! Sorry for the hijack!

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