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Ranitidine dosage

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BettyBoo246 Sat 08-Dec-18 08:35:13

Thanks wintertravel that’s really helpful. I think because we got her on it at such a young age most of the 0.4ml was being spat out! It worked in the day but not at night so gp prescribed Nutramigen but after 4 days of using it she seems worse hence my call to gp to ask to increase the ranitidine. I really don’t think she has cmpa so will give the new formula a couple more days and change back to normal if still no improvement. I’ll see how we get on with 0.5ml of ranitidine for a week or so, fingers crossed. My first ds had silent reflux and ranitidine was enough but this little madam seems to be suffering more with it sad

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wintertravel1980 Fri 07-Dec-18 22:13:49

DD used to really scream, fight and spit ranitidine when she was a newborn. We had no other choice but persist and after a few weeks/months she got used to it. She started opening her mouth, smiling and eventually even pointing to the bottle. She thought it was a treat (poor thing!). It took a while though.

keeponrunning85 Fri 07-Dec-18 22:07:18

I know my DD is on the maximum dose for her weight and has been since the beginning. It does seem to help so I suppose some of it must be going down!

wintertravel1980 Fri 07-Dec-18 22:05:02

Your first GP has already prescribed a relatively low dosage - 1.7mg per kg. Normally when you start on ranitidine, you go for 2-3mg per kg of weight * 10/150. For a 3.54kg baby this would have been 0.472 - 0.7 mls * 3 times a day.

Currently your DD is on 1.5mg which is perfectly OK for a "maintenance mode" (when reflux is under control and the baby is not showing any symptoms) but if your LO is getting worse, the recommendation is to increase the dosage to 2-3 mg * 3.88kg * 10/150 = 0.5-0.77mls x 3 times a day. I would start with 0.5mls and see how it goes. I am not a medical professional but my DD suffered from reflux and it had been really difficult until we got it under control.

What helped with my DD was a combination of ranitidine and anti-reflux milk. One did not work without the other.

BettyBoo246 Fri 07-Dec-18 19:17:14

keeponrunning same here! She seems to have mastered pretending she’s swallowed it then 1min later spitting it all out grin my dd is 3.88kgs and first gp said 0.4ml was minimum and there was scope to increase but now second gp has refused and won’t tell me the maximum dosage angry
I’m debating just increasing it myself to 0.5ml until I can speak to our original doctor!

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keeponrunning85 Fri 07-Dec-18 18:46:33

My DD is on Ranitidine and her dosage has gone up every time she's gained into the next kilogramme if that makes sense. So she was on 0.6ml when she weighed 3kg something, it increased to 0.8ml once she got above 4kg and since she has weighed over 5kg she has been on 1ml.

She spits most of it out the majority of the time but at least we're trying grin

BettyBoo246 Fri 07-Dec-18 11:49:40

Hi my dd is currently on 0.4ml x 3 per day however this was based on her weight of 7lb 13oz 2 weeks ago. The hv has just been and weighed her and she is now 8lb 8oz and as her silent reflux has got worse she suggested a call to gp to increase dosage, gp who is not very helpful said not to increase it even though the original gp who prescribed it said he would increase it in 2-3 weeks time with weight gain angry
Can anyone tell me what their dc’s are on with similar weight or how to calculate it so I can call her back and tell her myself!

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