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Washing/sterilising Medela Symphony Swing Pump

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Fuckedoffat48b Fri 30-Nov-18 18:58:02

I have hired a Medela Symphony Swing Pump and the actual expression is going well (about 75ml in 10 minutes). However, I am unbelievably confused about how you are supposed to wash and sterilise the thing! The instructions are AWFUL.

Am I supposed to sterilise before each use, or after? How would it still be sterile if I sterilise after?

The instructions didn't say to sterilise before the first time I used it. Is the milk expressed in this session safe to use if I didn't sterilise, and just washed it?

Why can't I just sterilise it using cold sterilisation/Milton bucket?

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Megasaur5keeper Fri 30-Nov-18 20:14:19

I've hired that too and the instructions aren't great. I think I washed the bottles, connector and valve and ran them through steam steriliser before first use. I tend just to wash on hot soapy water between uses- which is NHS Scotland advice- and occasionally run them through the steriliser. Can't think of any reason you couldn't cold water sterilise though if that's your usual method.
Dunno about using what you've got already (suppose you might have already) but given the advice in Scotland seems to be that washing is enough between uses I probably personally would .
The instructions aren't great in the box. You can get better ones online if you need them but once it's going it's pretty straightforward I thought.
Good haul of milk btw!

Fuckedoffat48b Fri 30-Nov-18 20:48:07

@megasaur do you have a link to the advice?

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Megasaur5keeper Fri 30-Nov-18 22:15:52
Under breastmilk storage and bottle hygiene.

Hope that works.
Medela manuals are

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