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Reflux help

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somersetsoul Fri 30-Nov-18 16:56:51

5 week old DD seems to have developed reflux. Only the last few days she's started bringing up milk after a feed. She always has hiccups, grunts a lot, is hard to burp and won't settle in her crib most nights.

I'm burping her every oz and keeping her upright. I have her gripe water on her last bottle which helped.

Any other tips please? I want to avoid gaviscon of possible. Does gripe water really help??

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Jackshouse Fri 30-Nov-18 16:58:30

Not really.

Try holding her upright for 30 mins after a feed. Is she bf or ff?

december212 Fri 30-Nov-18 17:00:51

You can get anti refiux milk, sure Aptimal, Hipp, etc., have their own versions.

Gaviscon works well, if you get the dosage right. Too much can cause constipation though.

SmallDalek Fri 30-Nov-18 17:11:20

You could ask if it’s ok for her to try Caribel which is a thickener you add to the formula. It can help the milk stay down. If she’s getting upset or seems in pain then there’s medicine the GP can prescribe to get rid of the acid. Does she seem happy when she feeds or does she sometimes arch her back and/or pull away from the bottle even if she seems hungry? If she does I’d definitely get something to settle the acid.

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 30-Nov-18 17:36:09

Have a look on YouTube at the “tiger in the Tree hold”. It’s good at getting up wind.

You might find that paved feeding helps too. If you google it, there should be lots of articles smile

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