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9 month old giving up the breast, is this ok?

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magicfairy Thu 21-Jun-07 14:20:47

over the last month, DS (9.5 months) has been gradually decreasing his feeds, now he either has a short feed in the afternoon, then another short one before bed or one 15/20min one before bed. if i try to feed him any other time, he gets cross just at the sight of it. he has a very healthy diet and really loves his food, but should i be trying to get him to have somemilk until he is 1? I tried him with formula this morn in a beaker but he spat it out and screwed up his face. he does drink lots of water throughout the day. his weight is also fine, he is 24lbs and is healthy looking.

lorisparkle Thu 21-Jun-07 14:58:30

My DS has never been that interested in bf in the day since about 4 months (at night was a different story . I now feed him when he is just waking up (in the morning and from his nap) so he is still a little sleepy and then just before bed when he is tired. He is 11 months old and I will keep doing this until he is 12 months old when I will just feed him in the morning and at night as I am going back to work. I would persevere until he is at least 12 months if you can. You could also try putting milk into his food (e.g. mashed potatoes and cereal)

Hopefully someone who is a little bit more of an expert than me will give you more advie

wishingfourgotone Thu 21-Jun-07 15:19:09

is he having milk in food cheese yoghurt etc?

magicfairy Thu 21-Jun-07 16:23:52

yeah he is having plenty of full fat dairy (cows) in his food, yogs, cheese, milk on his cereal etc. But does he need either breast or formula. I am happy to feed him if he wants it, but he just does not want it. I have just tried him with a beaker of cows milk to which he pulled a face! If i am to go by my instinct i would say that he is fine with only a before bedtime feed, but conflicting advice from various people have made me doubt my instincts!!

wishingfourgotone Fri 22-Jun-07 09:02:57

my dd did not like the cows milk she has not had bf since she six weeks old so she had plenty of time to get used to formula i use cow and gate i moved her from growing up milk to full fat and she didnt want drink drink i found that adding bit of c&g to it made her drink it as that sweeter than full fat, Have you tried the c&g growing up milk yopu can get the little bottle if you just want to see if he ill drink it good luck

yummymummy06 Sat 23-Jun-07 16:47:35

Hi. I had the same problem. DD is nearly 10 months and I stopped bf at 9 months as she just wouldn't feed from me and kept playing with 'it' IYKWIM! I then decided to stop as my milk was reducing as she wasn't feeding much. She is quite small and doesn't put on much weight, 18lbs now so I was worried about her milk intake. She didn't have any problem with formula and I give her plenty of dairy. If you can carry on then that's great but sounds like you LO is a healthy weight and has a good diet so I wouldn't worry too much if he gives up. Hope this helps!

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